Is your credit report in the red even after you think you have settled all your debts?

If yes, you may be well paying for someone else’s mistakes. Credit repair companies specialize in helping people just like you. However, with so many credit repair companies in the market, how can you choose the right credit repair company?

Here are the questions you can use to identify the best credit repair agencies from the rest:

  • Are there any upfront fees charged for credit repair work?

A good credit repair company will not change you fees until your credit has been fully restored.

  • Will your credit report be reviewed before signing up?

A reputable credit repair company will provide customers with a free credit evaluation before the work starts and educate their customers on the credit repair process during the initial consultation.

  • Is the work confined to sending dispute letters or does it involve an audit of credit agencies?

Make sure the credit improvement agency you hire audits all credit agencies including Experian, Equifax, TransUnion, collection agencies, and original creditors before sending dispute letters. These audits ensure that the questions framed in dispute letters are precise and that relevant information will be verified quickly.

  • How long will it take to restore unfairly stated credit report?

A credit repair specialist should not take more than six months for auditing and sending dispute letters. The credit rating agencies and creditors are required by law to provide relevant information on receiving dispute letters within 30-45 days. If not, the disputed items will be removed from your credit report.

  • Are the company’s operations legal and ethical?

Make sure the credit repair consultant and restoration expert you hire complies with both state and federal laws.

  • Is the company recognized within the industry?

National Association of Credit Services Organizations (NACSO) is the national organization for the credit repair industry. A good credit repair company will be a member of NACSO.

  • How successful has been the credit repair services?

When in it comes to choosing a credit repair company, choose one with a proven track record and positive reviews from customers. RMCN credit repair has been in operation since 1997 serving more than 40,000 customers. RMCN has thousands of customer testimonials and sample results on its website for you to review.


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